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“If one person dreams is only a dream.

When many people dream together...

it is the beginning of a new reality.”

- Friedensreich Hundertwasser


"My paintings combine different colors, materials, and shapes to create a holistic work of art. All individual colors I use are meaningless per se - it is the integration of each individual part into one abstract message which breathes life into my work.
The meaning of my art is of abstract nature, free of the "here and now", free of the concept of transience in space and time, free of nationality, race or religion. This understanding is in contrast to the misleading perception of art as a mere form of provocation. Art has too often been misused as a meaningless carrier of shock, disgust, perversion, and political protest. My work aims to provide a place of rest, a reign of beauty, melancolia, and peace - a small paradise for our overloaded minds to take a moment and introspect.
Only with the ability to set worldly issues aside for a moment, we can reclaim our peace and strength as a humanity as a part of one free world.
It is time to realize how our own decisions inflict on reality. It is time to be aware of how we integrate humans into one united humanity. The time for vapid conversations and expectations is over.
Take my message to the world and live it by your own actions, one step after another. Live the path to harmony, sympathy, and unity!"

Her work has been added to private collections in Belgium, Chine, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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